The 'Sabiha Ulusoy Library' Opens in Düzce

The 'Sabiha Ulusoy Library' Opens in Düzce
The construction of the library, which began a while ago on a vacant lot in Uzunmustafa District connected to the center of Düzce, has been completed. The Sabiha Ulusoy Library, completed with the initiatives of Düzce Mayor Dr. Faruk Özlü and the support of our Board Chairman Hasan Ulusoy, is now open to the public.

The library, named after Mr. Hasan Ulusoy's mother, Sabiha Ulusoy, was attended by Düzce Governor Selçuk Aslan, Düzce Mayor Faruk Özlü, CHP Düzce Deputy Talih Özcan, officials, representatives of political parties, invited guests, and citizens.
In his speech at the opening ceremony, our Board Chairman Hasan Ulusoy, who brought the library to Düzce, expressed the importance of establishing the library for him:
"It is a great pleasure to meet on such a meaningful day for me, on such a beautiful occasion. As the Nobel İlaç family, we are proud to contribute another masterpiece to our esteemed city of Düzce. I extend my deepest gratitude to our Minister Faruk Özlü and his team who encouraged us and provided all kinds of support to realize a venue we have always dreamed of. I entrust this library to our municipality and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, hoping that it serves all the people of Düzce, especially our students, for many years.
The fact that this project, which we oversaw in every aspect, including its construction, bears my mother's name brings me indescribable joy and pride.  I thank everyone who contributed to every stage of the project and my colleagues. This building, which we will inaugurate today and hand over the keys to our esteemed minister, is now one of my main addresses. Every time I visit Düzce, I will stop by. I will greatly enjoy wandering amongst the scents of books, sipping tea, and chatting with our reading, studying youths and children."