Our Mission;

“Find, improve and keep the best talents, and support them in order to realize our business targets.”

Our Vision;

“Be the best employer in the sector in terms of providing favorable career opportunities to our employees.”

Our Most Important Priorities;

It is our priority to deploy the right persons for the right jobs, manage their performance through Skill Development Process (SDP), identify high-potential personnel in our company, improve Nobel Leadership Qualities, provide diverse career opportunities with “My Career Path” application, implement training programs for the employees to attain the set targets and their personal development, and provide long-term collaboration with all our employees.

Through our performance management system;

We aim to evaluate the performance of our employees that they deliver in order to realize their personal targets determined in harmony with our corporate targets through a fair, systematic and measurable method, support continuous development and create a motivating work space.

We evaluate the performance based on the employee’s business objectives determined for the current year and Nobel Leadership Qualities expected from him/her.

To work with us;

You can follow our announcements on Kariyer.net and LinkedIn.

For internship applications;

We would be pleased to see with us all candidates who has an active student life, set targets and dynamic personal characteristics, who has a wish to spend the internship period to the fullest, knowledgeable about the ethical rules of business life, adaptive, conscious, distinctive, creative, and enthusiastic about being a prospective Nobel employee.

You can file an application by filling in the printed internship application form in our factory and centers or via the internship application form on our website (between the dates of 1st January – 31st March).