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About Nobel İlaç

Half a Century of Experience, One Hundred Percent National Capital

Nobel is a long-standing, internationally active pharmaceutical company founded in 1964 with one hundred percent national capital, representing the Turkish brand in a wide range of geographies with its half a century of experience and respectful history.

Nobel performs its sales, marketing and management activities in Istanbul, manufacturing and R&D activities in Duzce, and API manufacturing in Cerkezkoy.

Leader in Export

Being one of the 100 companies with the highest growth rate in recent years, Nobel İlaç is the only pharmaceutical company in Turkey that is not on a foreign trade deficit owing to its successful export activities to 50 countries in the pharmaceutical sector where there is high rate of imports.

A Global Player

Nobel aims to increase the quality of life through its efficient and high-end products manufactured in compliance with international standards. Conducting its business operations in more than 20 countries via its own established agencies and affiliates, Nobel provides global services as a large family with approximately 2500 employees having personal and professional experience in domestic and foreign settings while it continues its strategic efforts in a way to maintain its development in new markets.

In every country in operates, Nobel establishes all of its cadres on its own, and it conducts its marketing activities in a way identical to its rooted principles in Turkey.

Expert in its Field

Recruiting professional individuals from various nations who have personal characteristics compliant to Nobel’s established corporate identity and who pay due care on self improvement in line with this identity, Nobel attained new perspectives with its expert employees in their field by creating principles in harmony with the rest of the world through the review of our traditional habits.

Modern Manufacturing Facilities Worldwide

Nobel İlaç, operating under Ulkar holding, took its first steps to globalization in Kazakhstan, and Nobel AFF founded in 2002 became the first foreign-capital manufacturing facility in the country. A source of pride for Nobel, this facility is at the same time the first GMP-certified facility in the country for good manufacturing practices. Nobel AFF is the second biggest drug manufacturer of Kazakhstan drug market amounting to 1 billion dollars. Annual manufacturing capacity of the facility is approximately 50 million boxes, and has more than 60 products in almost 200 pharmaceutical forms with over 300 employees.

Nobel’s another source of price in Asian geography, Nobel Pharmsanoat in Uzbekistan has more than 50 products in almost 160 pharmaceutical forms with more than 300 employees. Nobel Pharmsanoat is a notable Turkish brand that rendered the Nobel name and brand synonymous with quality in Uzbekistan which is one of the most populous countries of Central Asia.

Wide Product Portfolio

Providing both economical and high-end drug alternatives to the Turkish people and to the rest of the world, Nobel İlaç continues its domestic and foreign activities with around 100 products.

These products can be grouped as follows;
• Pain killers and rheumatic medicines
• Antibiotics and fungicides
• Common cold medicines
• Digestive system medicines
• Urinary system medicines
• Cardiovascular system medicines
• Central nervous system medicines
• Food supplements like probiotics and fish oils
• Immune-enhancing vitamin and mineral supplements, bone, joint and cartilage health products, hair-nail and skin health products, cosmetics, personal hygiene and care products.

National Biosimilar Drug Manufacturing with a Stable Investment in R&D

Nobel İlaç, which allocates 5% of its annual turnover to R&D activities, is the first organization supported by Turkey for the local development and manufacturing of biosimilar drugs in the framework of the 2023 vision.

Turquality Branding Program

Turquality, the state-funded branding program implemented in order to create global Turkish brands, is the first and the only state-funded branding program in the world established with the vision of “creating 10 global brands in 10 years”.

Nobel İlaç was admitted to the Turquality program in 2015 and became one of the 101 companies included in the scope of the incentive by the Ministry of Economy. In this respect, Nobel’s brand power and corporate infrastructure grew stronger and we had a stronger competitive power in international markets.

We are creating Turkish drug brands from Eastern Europe to Mongolia and from the Balkans to Africa, and striving to alleviate external dependence in the health sector through our national drug investments.


We are an environment-friendly business complying with national and international environmental laws and regulations, and establish, practice and continuously develop an environment management system to be continuously applied in all of our activities in the fields that we produce products and services in order to protect the ecosystem by preventing unnecessary utilization and pollution of resources globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted, global institution abiding by universal values.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create pioneering and innovative products improving the quality of life by efficient use of resources.

Our Corporate Values

Our corporate values are caring about the quality of life, creativity, behaving ethically, trustworthiness, taking responsibilities and believing in team work.

Our Managing Qualities

Leadership that takes decisions, that motivates, that is visionary, that creates solutions, that observes work and authority sharing and that pursues productivity.